What Can I Expect During My First Visit to North Country Chiropractic?

Generally you can expect to complete a full medical history questionnaire and "new patient" paperwork. You will then consult with Dr. Khan or Dr. Jake. This consultation is your opportunity to express your health concerns and expectations, and to ask any questions you may have pertaining to the matter.

Dr. Khan or Dr. Jake will express his role in your health care and discuss your health prognosis. A physical exam will be performed which may include orthopedic testing, reflex assessments, muscle testing, and a specific Chiropractic evaluation. In some cases x-rays may be necessary to determine an exact diagnosis. X-rays can usually be done at the doctor's office. Dr. Khan or Dr. Jake will go over the results of the exam and x-rays with you.

Then, depending on your situation, he may give you an adjustment and/or begin physical therapy, if needed. Adjustments shouldn't be painful, although you may feel some discomfort until the pressure in the joint is relieved. Depending on your condition, Dr. Khan or Dr. Jake may suggest to schedule a series of visits for care.

North Country Chiropractic specializes in providing safe, effective care to help heal pain naturally.